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Capturing the right moment, gesture, smile, pose or scene is easy.
In order for photography to tell her story, to elicit emotion, or to fill an artistic emptiness, is quite another fairy tale.

The photo is a walking eye. Kicking a trap ... Either one sees what to shoot or does not see. When they see it, than they will see it without the camera; the team will only announce it. It's like having some ideas and writing them. He writes what he had before he took the pen in his hand. Whosoever may have five fingers in each hand, and if he has no thoughts, he has nothing to announce.
Emotion Art Photo

To capture real feelings, real emotions, I use unusual mix of different expressions. Emotive artistic protography is my expression and also product of my special kind styling. But every photo is a matter of taste and perception.

I try to express what I feel internally from the face of the person I am photographing. His face shows what he or she feels. For me it is important to press the trigger at the right moment when it is seen as far as possible inside the person.
Everyday Life

My role is to capture significant moments or changes in life, nature, sociable life. Creative access and experience add value to these photos. In the digital era, the results are pathetic in attempts to replace a professional with a mobile phone or amateur photographer.
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